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Pam Cannell

Pam Cannell, UPWARD Dallas

Pamela Cannellis the President and CEO of BoardBoard and a very engaged member of our UPWARD Dallas Chapter.

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Our Member Spotlight for Feature Friday is Pam is the President & CEO of BoardBuild and a very engaged member of our UPWARD Dallas Chapter.

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When you’re not in “work mode”, attending calls/meetings, what would we find you doing?

Getting as far away from the computer as possible most likely somewhere on a trail hiking or biking.

Do you have any habits or disciplines that you’ve developed that helps keep you motivated?

Good motivational habit – 1 glass of wine at the end of the day

Bad motivational habit – 2nd glass of wine at the end of the day

Good motivational discipline – Swimming 2 miles a day three times a week

Bad motivational discipline – fixating daily on the NY Times Crossword puzzle until it is solved.

What are you most proud of in your personal life and in your career?

Having been named executor of multiple family estates, I know this to be a trying task fraught with numerous land mines. Imagine my apprehension when one sizable estate instructed me to donate 100% of funds to a single agency, in the family name, but to the exclusion of direct benefit to any family member. In the absence of further instruction, my goal for the project became that to serve the greatest common good while establishing buy-in from my extended family. Ultimately, the establishment of a 360-acre preserve in the family name has brought immense pride to every person who participated in the project including family members, agency staff, community members and elected officials.

This legacy gift is now ranked as one of the top ten places in the state of New Jersey to hike. It is listed on Trip Advisor as the 8th most interesting place to visit, located in a popular resort town. And most importantly, the preserve serves as host annually each summer for urban teenagers to study and learn about preserve management and protection of endangered species.

As an UPWARD Member, what experience(s) have been most beneficial for you?

Although COVID has interrupted the opportunity to network face-to-face with high-achieving and interesting women in UPWARD, I have enjoyed virtual conversations with local chapter members and know that the future will hold opportunity for deeper relationship and team building.

What advice have you received that has helped drive you to where you are today? If you’re comfortable, please share where this advice came from.

Some of the best advice I have received in life comes from the side of a donut box, “As you wonder through life, whatever be your goal, gaze upon the donut and not upon the hole.” Living life through the filter of abundance brings joy and fulfillment to each day.

What advice (2-3 things) would you share with others who have similar goals or is on a similar path as you?

Show up, say yes, and be a mentor. You’ll learn something in every case.

Do you have a favorite inspirational/motivational quote that you’d like to share? Would you share a few words on why this quote has resonated with you?

I am a proud Rotarian. The Rotary motto is, “Service Above Self”. In action, service above self brings perspective and balance to one’s life. These are words to live by.

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