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Taylor Boyle

Taylor Boyle, UPWARD Dallas Chapter Leader

Taylor MacKinnon Boyle , CFP®. Taylor started out as a Chapter Leader in New York and is now a Chapter Leader with UPWARD Dallas and a Client Advisor for J.P. Morgan. Let's learn more about Taylor and don't forget to connect with her!

When you’re not in “work mode”, attending calls/meetings, what would we find you doing?

These days, all my free time is spent with my husband chasing around our toddler and exploring the world through his eyes.  In a pre-COVID world, though, I would also be planning my next travel adventure or grabbing drinks with friends to bond and unwind.

Do you have any habits or disciplines that you’ve developed that helps keep you motivated?

I am all about accountability metrics- setting goals for the day, creating a to-do list and checking them off.  While my job is very client facing, I have to ensure I time block to tackle those to-dos and end the day with a sense of accomplishment.  I also must carve out time for myself in order to rejuvenate and continue to feel motivated.  That can be as simple as sitting under our tree on my hammock, or going for an early morning job to start the day.  Even just 30 minutes of time to just “do me” goes a long way to staying motivated and engaged at work and at home.

What are you most proud of in your personal life and in your career?

Whenever I felt that I had hit a plateau in my career, I’ve seen that as an opportunity instead of a blocker.  For example, I completed my MBA while working a demanding full time job.  I’ve also stayed true to my biggest passion that brought me to my industry, which was to help people, especially women, find power in their financial lives.

We know from data that no one advances completely on their own. Relationships are often the difference between getting noticed and promoted and getting stuck. How do you identify key individuals with whom you need to build strategic relationships? Has UPWARD been a platform to help you build these necessary relationships?

A key part to identifying those relationships is to look not only at my colleagues, but to build a strong network externally.  Internal relationships are important from a junior person beneath you to at least two to three levels above you.  Your broader external network is even more important because they provide a difference of opinions and an unbiased third party opinion.  The broader and deeper your network, the more opportunity and support you have behind you to drive your career forward.

As an UPWARD Member, what experience(s) have been most beneficial for you?

UPWARD events have always provided the most authentic opportunity for women to bond and build each other up.  I haven’t been to a single UPWARD event where I didn’t meet several women with whom I immediately bonded and maintained a connection with.

What advice have you received that has helped drive you to where you are today? 

“Always keep an open mind for opportunity.”

What advice (2-3 things) would you share with others who have similar goals or is on a similar path as you?

I have to say, as a career driven working mom, my main advice falls there.  First, find the right company and team which embrace your juggle and recognize your hard work.  Also, always follow your gut.  You are talented, you are smart- find the right home or build your own to thrive.


What is your favorite quote? Why does it resonate with you?

“My mother told me to be a lady. And for her, that meant to be your own person, be independent” – Ruth Bader Ginsburg

This quote resonates so much to me because my mom always encouraged me to be whatever I want to be, and don’t try to define myself by what others expect me to be. My husband always jokes that I’m Miss Independent, so clearly I took that advice to heart. But it doesn’t mean you have to run alone, just have the confidence and strength to a create a fulfilling life on your terms.

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